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— it's now a fact that we are the lowest priced glass shower wholesale distributor in the U.S. And Canada — even with the cost of shipping!

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Glass Shower Doors

We offer you High-quality products for the lowest price!

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Custom Glass Shower Doors

Build your Luxurious house with Showers & More!

Glass Door Company Canada

We deliver anywhere in Canada, and in the U.S.


Why pay high retail prices to your glass shop when you can pay wholesale pricing for your Top-of-the-Line custom tempered Glass Shower Doors and glass Hardware — and these Low Prices are NOT available at your local Hardware store!

Please NOTE: If you live within 50 kms from a Dealer of ours that retails our products, you may be directed to them to purchase your Custom Tempered Glass components.

We manufacture Custom Tempered Glass sheet products such as Glass Shower Doors / Panels / Screens / Sidelights, Glass Railing Panels for patios or decks or balconies or stairways, Office Partitions, Glass Stairs, Glass Walls and Store Fronts, etc. We can manufacture you any size or thickness of Tempered Glass at the Lowest Price anywhere in Canada!

Shipping glass items is (obviously) a valid concern. At Showers & More, we take this very seriously. Our glass sheets are superbly packaged to ensure there is no damage. Our breakage rate is 1 in every thousand shipments. Now you can order with confidence and ensure the work is done safely and on time.

Please NOTE: Showers & More is approximately 30-60% less expensive than any other Tempered Glass source INCLUDING SHIPPING! In most cases Showers & More is even less expensive than Costco and/or Walmart!

Imagine YOUR HOUSE is on the market and you are waiting for it to be SOLD. Now imagine an identical house to yours nearby that has a bathroom (or two) with 10 mm thick Tempered Glass Shower Doors & Panels. Which house will be sold sooner? You bet that it will be the house with the Super-Luxurious shiny Tempered Glass Shower enclosure that will be SOLD MUCH SOONER than your house with the simple shower curtains. Remember, the two most important sales feature of any house is its bathroom and kitchen!

Even if you are not selling your house, imagine the effect your new Glass Shower will create every single time you look at it; "WOW! What a Luxurious Shower! So amazingly and breathtakingly beautiful! I love it!"

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